One word, and so much attached to it. You know what it means. It means you click below to leave a tribute of any size on the different platforms I accept payment from.

You will pay the amount, you will add a nice little note and you will send.

I will receive the tribute, I will read the nice little note, I will smile – You will probably get a thank you.

Do not get PAY mixed with PLAY. PAY can be PLAY for you, but the play ends after you hit send. A Tribute is just that, an amount given to me for being a fantastic part of your day, for rocking your world in a way that has never been rocked before.

I am Mistress Lillith, I deserve only the best, and you are going to give me your best – whatever that ‘BEST’ may entail.

Niteflirt Tributes

These are all linked to my Account at . Click and send.

If you have a different amount, or just need to empty your Niteflirt account into mine, you can click below and be taken directly to the tribute/bonus pay link — enter the number and send…and straight to me. Money most certainly well spent.


I Want Clips Tip

Clips4Sale Tributes


You can’t say Mistress Lillith never gave you options, I see a handful above. No, I do not take Paypal and never will. If you are a good pet, you will do as your told and bend to my will and serve me at the platforms above, that is how submission works my dear one.

E-Gift Cards can Be Sent to: