You do as I say, or you go away. I haven’t the time to deal with submissives that aren’t absolutely willing to submit and comply with my demands. Whether you are completely green and a ‘total noob’ to the world of male submission, and female supremacy and domination OR well integrated into it — there will always be a few standing rules and guidelines to follow

1. Remember your manners – ALWAYS

You don’t actually have to be a submissive to have good manners. I’m not sure why boys decide they don’t have to treat women with the utmost respect but — this is something that SHOULD be known. Seasoned or not. I haven’t the time nor desire to deal with those with passive aggressive attitudes that have underlying tones of a hatred towards women. You may be a fetishist contacting me for some fetish play, but know that I am always Dominate. I do not switch, I am not submissive.

2. Know your Definitions –

Financial Domination is when someone gets off on giving their earnings to a Financial Dominatrix. Paying the required amount for services is not financial domination. Paying MORE than the minimum can be Financial Domination. Paying JUST to pay with NO EXPECTATIONS after a tribute is sent, is domination. Paying and demanding a session – is paying for a session, it’s not a tribute.

I won’t play with fantasy financial domination. You don’t have to be a big hitter to engage, but if you mention findom, you better be on a higher per minute line or hitting that tribute button during a session multiple times.

You can be submissive and serve me, without being what would be defined as a pay pig. You are still paying for my time, but that doesn’t make it financial domination.

3. Don’t seek pay to play if you want free

This seems like a ‘duh’ kind of statement, but In my experience and with the experience of many other elite dommes…It needs to be said. I don’t need to prove myself, I will never provide a proof video or a teaser. You can read my blogs and do your research. I even did a post on it here:

How not to get scammed

I offer teaser videos and clips for those that are curious or just want a taste. If you need proof you can pay the minimum for those. It is YOU that needs to prove yourself to me, doll.

3 is the magic number – You Pay, Play and Obey — and you have 3 rules under OBEY to get you started. Of course, depending on how far the rabbit hole we go, will depend on if specific rules for  YOU get extended. Time will tell.